Beef Business Consulting

We offer business consulting for low-cost, production-for-profit systems in the beef business.

In 2009, we sold our cow herd and farm. After 30 years in business, we still have much to offer customers in hands-on experience and advice.


Remember — Production and profit are not necessarily the same thing.

New Developments

Here are some things we are working on:


  • New and different intensive and year-round grazing practices
  • Practical and unique cattle handling systems and stock handling concepts
  • Innovative marketing and financial planning concepts that go beyond mainstream thinking
  • Pest control systems and land reclaimation ideas

Low-Stress Cattle Handling

In the last few years we have gained valuable training and experience in this approach to cattle handling. It includes moving cattle, sorting cattle, weaning, and more.

We can provide information and assistance in this as well as steer you in the right direction for even more. We also can proivde lots of good ideas for handling systems that are suited to these low stress methods.

Low stress maagement is truly a game changer in the cattle business.

Forage Production

Silage HarvestingWe have been forage seed dealers for 30 years. Always looking to increase our production (and to lower cost), we’ve used every system available. Many producers do not realize that certain systems and blends will work better for their operation than others. We can customize a plan with you to save your time, money and labour.



Extended Grazing Systems

cows swath grazing

When we switched to winter grazing, we cut our costs nearly in half. Leaving cows in the field, with the feed already laid out will save you fuel and the headaches of moving cattle home, not to mention the cheaper corral cleaning bill in the spring.

We are experts at pasture cell grazing, fall grazing, winter grazing (including corn, millet and other swaths).


Corn Grazing CattleYour custom system includes the how, why and where of set-up and maintenance. We can help meet your needs to maximize profits.

If your in the cattle business today, you’ll want a modern system. We can help.

Click here to see cell grazing photos.



Electric Fencing

Cows treking homeForget the snags of barb wire and contact us about electric fencing options. We have access to unique and state-of-the-art electric fencing systems that we are currently testing on our personal research farm.



Breeding Stock Selection

Bulls in pensDo you have to call the vet during calving? Wish the steers sunk the scale a little deeper? We can help you improve your herd through advising you on what stock will benefit you the most.

We helped our customers make the best decisions while we farmed, now we can help you too.



If you would like a consultation with Ivan or more information, please contact us. We would love to help make your operation more successful.

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